2020 Democratic Election Polls Show Top Contenders Neck and Neck 2020 Democratic Election Polls Show Top Contenders Neck and Neck

2020 Democratic Election Polls Show Top Contenders Neck and Neck

2020 Democratic Election Polls Show Top Contenders Neck and Neck

The Democratic Party presidential primaries are drawing closer, and the party’s top three candidates are neck and neck for the nomination. As Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren amp up their campaigns, news cycle coverage and campaign contributions become increasingly important. How are the candidates faring as the campaign season stretches on, and who will be on top in the primaries as the 202 Democratic Election poll comes in?

Joe Biden: strong support despite a hard news cycle

Joe Biden’s support remains strong despite a rocky news cycle. Biden’s son, Hunter, gained attention after a whistleblower revealed that President Trump asked for foreign support investigating Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine. While most of the attention about the revelation is focused on Trump, several articles have revealed Hunter Biden’s checkered past and called his father’s judgment into question.

While this news cycle may impact his campaign more as the story unfolds, CNN polls indicate that Joe Biden holds a strong lead in South Carolina and a tie for the top spot in Nevada. Federal Election Commission reports show that his campaign receipts are far behind Sanders and Warren, which indicates that he’s had less success raising money thus far in the campaign. As a result, his disbursements also track behind, indicating that he’s spent less money than his competitors and yet remains at the top of the candidate pool – a promising sign for this campaign veteran.

Bernie Sanders: quiet campaigning and big spending

Bernie Sanders has received less news coverage than his two main competitors, but it seems that his campaign is going strong nonetheless. He’s tied with Biden for the top spot in Nevada, though he trails both Biden and Warren in South Caroling by a wide margin. His campaign receipts and expenditures far exceed any other Democratic candidate, according to FEC data. A seasoned politician and campaigner, his slow and steady approach to winning the primaries might pay off.

Elizabeth Warren: making headlines and garnering support

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign trail promises and conversations have earned her lots of media coverage, and she’s just four points behind Biden and Sanders in Nevada. Her campaign contributions and expenditures are strong, second only to Sanders in the Democratic candidate pool. Warren famously has plans to solve many problems, and her interactions with people from Mississippi to New Hampshire have increased her following throughout her campaign.

Can all three candidates make it to the February primaries?

As the campaign season wears on, each candidate will have to overcome challenging news cycles, new revelations about his or her personal and political histories, and gaffes and campaign mistakes. While it’s possible that all three candidates can hold onto their strong 2020 democratic election poll numbers until the voting begins in February, it’s more likely that the disparities in their budgets and media coverage will give one or two candidates a leg up in the presidential primaries.

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